LIFE 2024/01/08

New Year travel spots for fully prepared travelers and spontaneous travelers!

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The year 2024 has come!

If you’re planning a refreshing trip for yourself,
here are some recommendations!

Staycation in Hanoi where Gen-Zs love!

How about enjoying staycation
at 5-star L7 West Lake Hanoi by LOTTE?

It’s located in the central Hanoi area called Tây Hồ.
It’s very convenient because it is only about 15 minutes distance
from the Hanoi Airport.

Tourist spots, shopping…
All kinds of entertainment that you are looking for

We recommend L7 West Lake Hanoi by LOTTE
to people who want to experience state-of-the-art staycation.

The West Lake Hanoi complex provides
all kinds of entertainment as it has the LOTTE AQUARIUM, cinema
and even the large LOTTE MALL!

LOTTE ARAI RESORT amid the beautiful nature

You can enjoy the beautiful view encompassing
the Myoko Mountain and the ocean at LOTTE ARAI RESORT JAPAN.

It’s even more spectacular during the winter season
as you can enjoy the endless snowy scenes!
You can enjoy the hot-spring as well other activities.

Start off a day with an activity and finish it in relaxation

Various activities can be enjoyed at the LOTTE ARAI Resort.
You can go skiing at 14 different courses with beautiful snowy scenes
and ride the longest zipline in Asia that’s 1,051M long.

After trying out exciting activities,
you can end your day relaxing in the warm hot spring.

Enjoy the summer ocean in winter at Guam

Visit Guam if you’re missing summer, this winter!

5-star LOTTE HOTEL GUAM is located
in front of the Tumon Beach.
It only takes 5 minutes to get to Pleasure Island,
which has a shopping center and many restaurants.

Luxurious private beach and an infinity pool!

Don’t miss out
on a large classy room, a private beach, and an infinity pool!

if you want to spend your holiday at a summer recreation site!

in various travel spots all around the world!
We hope you spend a more joyful time at the graceful and classy

New Today, Better Tomorrow

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