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Lotte’s warmth begins here!

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Hello everyone!

Lotte is carrying out numerous social contribution events.
We interviewed people who have shown a golden heart!

Shall we find out?

Q. It is very nice to meet you!
Please briefly introduce yourself.

Hello everyone!
I am Min-Kyung Kim, and this is Miso Kim.
As members of CSV team,
we are in charge for social contribution activities
since 2020.

Q. I think many people may be unfamiliar with CSV team!
Please share more about your team.

CSV stands for ‘Creating Social Value’,
mainly supporting projects, in which to create social value at Lotte.

To elaborate our mission, our brand ‘Mom Pyeonhan’
continuously renovate and repair local children’s centers,
creating better environment for both mom and children.

Moreover, we are conducting a ‘Youth Bookstore’ for military members,
a ‘Super Blue Marathon’ to improve awareness of the disabled,
a college student volunteer group, and emergency relief activities.

Q. Can you please explain more details
about the brand ‘Mom Pyeonhan’?

‘Mom Pyeonhan’ is Lotte’s social contribution brand launched
in 2013 and has two meanings:
‘mom’, meaning mother, and ‘mam’, an abbreviation for heart.

It contains Lotte’s wish to create a world where mothers feel comfortable,
and its main projects 1)’Mom Pyunhan Dream Attic’
include the renovating of local children’s centers and the mental care support.

2) ‘Mom Pyunhan playgound’ improves the environment of aging playgrounds
with children’s participation.

‘Mom Pyunhan Playground’ is a project
that has been carried out since 2017
in partnership with the ‘Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation’
to create a safe play environment for children.

The design is inspired by the Children’s Design Group,
defining their contributions are meaningful.
As a result, 28 playgrounds have been built so far this year.

This year was special than previous years.
Public indoor playgrounds were built for the first time in Yeosu and Busan,
meaning children and parents can enjoy activities
regardless of the weather or cost.

‘Mom Pyunhan Dream Attic’ works
with the Salvation Army to provide remodeling,
such as installing a dream attic in an aging local children’s center
where children can read books and play,
as well as an emotional support program with guardians.
Currently, 87 locations have been installed across the country.

Q. I think you will feel a lot of satisfaction!
What was the most fulfilling experience?

When the playground is built,
an opening ceremony is held after verification.

In that time, the children from the design team left comments
at the site and even showed off to their friends
about the playground they created.

I think it was a good decision to support the children
and other beneficiaries on site
when they are happy!

I remember the text I received from the center director
after the opening ceremony of ‘Mom Pyunhan Dream Attic’.
The director said, ‘I will plan a great future with children in a good environment.’
I once again realized that ‘this business is not just about changing physical space
but can exist for a brighter and healthier future for children.’

Q. How did you come to work on CSV team?
Could you please share what are the capabilities
or prerequisites to work in CSV team?

I was originally in charge of social contribution strategies
and fund operations at Fine Chemicals.
CSV team allows focusing on one field
and was attracted to doing good things.

That is why I come to the team.

Of course, CSV team has a lot of internal communication,
but there is a lot of communication
with external organizations regarding the issue rising.

Though, it is more enjoyable for those who do not have difficulty
with observation skills to find problems
or communication with stakeholders.

Q. What was the most required subjects
while conducting social contribution events?

Most of beneficiaries of the social contribution events
we hold are from vulnerable groups.

Hence, every sensitive aspect
during events must be considered.

As this is a support project with various stakeholders,
we are trying our best to avoid negligence from the group.

Q. Can you please share CSV team daily routine?

CSV team research about the social contribution events
of other companies and affiliates carried out the previous day
through news and checks the progress
of each annual project in the morning.

Most of institutional meetings are held in afternoon
since the meeting numbers are high.

Q. What is the value of social contribution events
that Lotte considers most important?

The core value of Lotte’s social contribution event
is to create a world
that is beneficial to all generations,
as in Lotte’s slogan,
‘New today, better tomorrow.’

The projects we support consist of programs
to create a better world
for children, youth, seniors, and the social environment.

This year,
we plan to weave these programs together more organically.

Q. Can you give a little clue for upcoming
Lotte Group social contribution events?

We are preparing a social contribution workshop
in the first half of the year
that could not be held due to the covid-19.

Throughout this workshop,
we would like to not only establish social contribution strategies
but also provide an opportunity
for people in charge to gain new insights.

In addition to this, this year,
we plan to expand our children-targeted projects to rural areas as well.

In the case of a small number of rural and fishing villages,
there are cases where support is not available,
and we would like to support with a focus on grandparents.

Q. Can you please promote
about any social contribution events of Lotte
that people don’t know about?

I would like to introduce ‘Value for ESG’,
the college student volunteer group,
which has been in operation since the previous year.

20 teams of students are leading activities to resolve social issues
during vacation period in line with the ESG theme.
This year, about 80 volunteers are carrying out activities
in numerous parts of the community in the name of Lotte.

We are planning to volunteer work
with Chilsung Beverage in February,
please stay tuned.

New today, better tomorrow

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