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Aimember, the AI platform that makes you want to go off work asap, is pretty!

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Would you believe that all affiliates have members
who help with various tasks such as meeting minutes,
translation, and design drafting?

We conducted an interview
with the AI technology team of

which has developed an AI platform
that can greatly improve the quantity and quality of work!

Shall we look into it closer?

Q. Nice to meet you!
Please briefly introduce yourself.


My name is Senior Na Hyeong-ju, in charge of language AI,
and Senior Kim Tae-hyung in charge of Vision AI,

and we are working in the LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION
AI technology team
(Left, right order in the photo).

Q. What kind of business does

In addition to SI/SM business by building and
operating IT systems for LOTTE Group
and its customers,

we are carrying out various new businesses
such as metaverse platform Caliverse and
electric vehicle charging platform EVSIS.

In particular, we have recently been
focusing on ABC (AI, Bigdata, Cloud) business!

Q. Is there a reason why
you chose a career as a developer?

Senior Na Hyeong-ju)
I thought I should become
an AI developer because the AI field
, where new technologies are constantly emerging,
seemed like a good fit for me.

Senior Kim Tae-hyung)
Seeing myself always asking the question ‘Why?’
I decided to pursue a career as a developer,
thinking that it would be a good fit for me.

Q. If there is a work culture unique to
LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION, please explain it!

can boast of having the best work-life
balance among IT companies.

Flexible and selective work is possible,
efficient work progress is possible,

and various trainings are provided to improve work capabilities!

You can take the course you want at the Human Resources Development Center
or the online lecture platform Infrun!

Q. I heard that the AI platform ‘Aimember’ was recently released!
Please give us a brief introduction to the platform!

AI platform ‘Aimember’ is a business-generating AI service
that knows and understands Lotte best and is safe for security.

It has various functions such as a translator, document summarizer, and
chroma key maker, so you can get a lot of help when working!

Q. What does the name of the platform,
Aimember, mean?

It is a word that combines AI and
member (team member/colleague),

meaning our second member who helps us with complex and
difficult tasks and kindly finds data.

Q. Please tell us about the most memorable anecdote
you experienced while developing this platform!

What kind of content can we develop to make it more convenient
and efficient to use? I thought a lot about this,

and when creating a voice recognition model,
I remember the experience of conducting countless tests in various environments,
including quiet places and noisy places.

While working on this project, we put a lot of effort into researching and
developing various technologies applied within the iMember platform,
and through this process, we accumulated a variety of know-how!

These efforts have been recognized with various awards
in many competitions at home and abroad,

including 1st place in the Korean AI Contest and
5th place in the CVPR 2023 [Image Super Resolution] competition,
so this part is also very memorable!

Q. What role do you expect the Aimember platform
to play at LOTTE?

Senior Na Hyeong-ju)
As the meaning of iMember’s name suggests,
we hope that iMember will become a reliable
and trustworthy colleague of Lotte employees.

Senior Kim Tae-hyung)
Ultimately, we hope to grow into a competitive
platform by creating Lotte’s own
specialized Hyper-Local AI Models.

Q. Please give a word to the many future juniors
who dream of becoming developers or

Senior Na Hyeong-ju)
They say that only those who are prepared
can seize the opportunities that come their way.
Even though it may be difficult now

and the future may seem bleak, if you prepare hard every day,
a good opportunity will surely come and you will be able to seize it.

I hope everyone doesn’t give up and moves forward for the future!

Senior Kim Tae-hyung)
Developers need to learn new technologies and
languages, and make an effort to solve complex problems.

The code you want may not work well at first. it’s natural.

What is important is how you approach

and learn to solve problems.
So I hope you will continue to move forward
without fear of failure.

New today, better tomorrow

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