LIFE 2024/03/29

The reason why you must visit Seongsu this weekend! Ghana Chocolate House Season 3 OPEN

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Ghana Chocolate House that
made Seongsu lively in 2022

Back to Seongsu with even more
upgraded spaces & programs!


Ghana Chocolate House Season 3,
running for 5 weeks until April 7th,

themed around enjoying Ghana chocolate
in different ways each season

Let’s explore together the perfect ways to
enjoy it to the fullest!

Attention all those who missed our last pop-up!
① Ghana Chocolate House Info Zone

Ghana Chocolate House
Season 1 Premiere

Last year’s Season 2,
which made Busan lively,

has been upgraded even
more for the return of Season 3!

You can check out all the archives of
Ghana Chocolate House in one place!

Learn more about the history
of Ghana Chocolate and how it’s made here!
② Ghana Heritage Zone

From its first launch in 1975 to 2024,
you’ll learn about the 50-year history of Ghana Chocolate and

how the Bean to Bar Process/BTC Process is the
secret to the unique flavor of Ghana Chocolate!

See the actual equipment
used to produce Ghana Chocolate

and the evolution of Ghana Chocolate
packages from 1975~2024!

A must-visit essential course!
③ Ghana Chocolate House Main Bar

You can enjoy desserts and beverages made with
Ghana Chocolate tailored to each season’s concept!

If you plan to visit Ghana Chocolate House,
make sure to try desserts and
drinks made with Ghana Chocolate! 🍫

🙏 Why?!
That’s right! The dessert and
coffee collaboration lineup

changes weekly to align with the seasonal concept!
Increasing desire to return by 200%!

Check out the link below to learn more!

[Direct link to Lotte Well Food’s Instagram]

Exclusive program that can only be experienced here!
④ Ghana Chocolate House DIY Class Zone

You can create your own 3 unique desserts
using premium Ghana Chocolate!

If you’re looking for a unique
Ghana Chocolate experience, GOGO!

🍫Ghana Marble Chocolate DIY Class
(Twice a week on Thursdays/25,000 won)

🍫Ghana Pave Chocolate DIY Class
(Twice a week on Wednesdays/25,000 won)

🎂Ghana Marble Cake DIY Class
(Twice a week on Tuesdays/50,000 won)

✋ Hold on!
For the DIY class,
reservations are mandatory

through the booking platform CatchTable!

Check out the link below to learn more!
[Direct link to Lotte Well Food’s Instagram]

A magical space that evokes the desire to change your SNS profile picture!
⑤ Ghana Photo Zone

From the store’s signature chocolate
back wall to 50th anniversary Ghana Chocolate objects…

Visit Ghana Chocolate House,
where every room is a photo zone,
and take home your pic of the day!

Due to its reputation as a hot photo spot,
I recommend visiting

on weekdays or joining the weekend
open run to leisurely enjoy the photo zones!

Everything from start to finish is adorable and cute…
⑥ Ghana Goods Zone

From phone cases, postcards,
hand mirrors, towels, to grip tok, and
a variety of goods
utilizing Ghana Chocolate!

Don’t miss out on
this season’s debut of upcycled cacao shells!
Be sure to check them all out!

Experience the sweetness of desserts,
snap photos in various photo spots,

and enjoy all the sights and
activities at Ghana Chocolate House Season 3!

New Today, Better Tomorrow


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